Cloud Computing Training FAQs

Is CRM difficult to customize?

Yes, CRM customization is difficult if you don’t know how to do it. Otherwise it is not difficult. But it is important to remember that customization does not mean only creating fields.

Please note CRM is not just a software; it is one of the important pillar of your organization. Proper use of CRM will help you to increase your sales revenue at least by 25 to 35% YOY.

So, we would sincerely recommend you to take Experts Suggestion before CRM implementation. CRM Experts would be able to guide you with “CRM BEST Practices” recommended by and Microsoft.


Is CRM expensive?

Answer is “YES” and “NO”. It depends on your requirements. So without knowing your requirements, we can’t predict your CRM investment.

However, in-general, On-demand CRM is cost effective than On-premise / traditional CRM. Because in case of on demand CRM, you are not investing any money to buy hardware, software, maintenance, dedicated IT stuff etc. you have to only the license subscription cost.