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Salesforce CRM – Sales Cloud

Implement Salesorce CRM and grow your business 30% Year on Year. We have a dedicated and experienced Salesforce Consulting Team to cater to all your CRM needs with highly personalized services and promise of a long-term engagement to enable your success.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to streamline and automate the sales process, benefiting both sales managers and representatives.

By leveraging the features offered by Sales Cloud, businesses can establish a systematic sales workflow, minimizing the time required for training and gaining valuable insights about their customers. Furthermore, it enables efficient communication with customers through various channels throughout their entire journey.

With effective administration and configuration, Sales Cloud has proven to enhance sales productivity by up to 38%, drive a significant increase in sales revenue by 28%, and boost the opportunity win rate by 26%.



Lead Management

We customize your Sales Cloud CRM to mirror your lead generation process and empower you to effortlessly convert leads into customers. In order to consolidate all your data into a single accessible platform, we configure the following features:

  1. Effortless data upload: We enable you to conveniently upload data in both individual and bulk formats.

  2. Sales path optimization: We prioritize and route leads effectively through the sales path, ensuring efficient lead management.

  3. Automated workflows: Our system automates the processes from pipeline management to closing deals, streamlining your sales cycle.

  4. Inbox automation for efficient communication: We implement automated features for sending one-to-many emails, saving you time and effort in your interactions.

  5. Tracking lead activity and interactions: We provide comprehensive tracking mechanisms to monitor and record lead activity, ensuring you have a clear view of the engagement process.

By configuring these functionalities, we aim to enhance your sales effectiveness and simplify your lead conversion process.

Pipeline & Forecasting

Our aim is to revamp your sales processes through the configuration of your Sales Cloud, enabling you to gain real-time insights. This will be accomplished by implementing the following features:

  1. Pipeline Reports and Forecasting Tools: These tools will provide comprehensive information on various categories, timeframes, teams, and trends, allowing you to make accurate predictions.
  2. Interactive Dashboards: Through visually appealing dashboards, you will be able to easily analyze and understand your sales data, facilitating better decision-making.
  3. Instant Messaging Capabilities: You will have the ability to communicate with stakeholders across any device, ensuring efficient and prompt collaboration.
  4. Opportunity Kanban: This feature will enable you to effectively manage and track opportunities at different stages, receiving alerts and updates when necessary, ultimately leading to successful closures.
  5. In-Depth Analytics: Detailed analytics will provide you with valuable insights into your sales performance, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

By implementing these enhancements, we will modernize your sales processes, empowering you to achieve greater success.


Sales Productivity

Our expertise lies in assisting you with the implementation of optimal strategies for your sales teams. We achieve this by configuring various elements, including:

  1. Goal Setting & Dashboards: We work with you to define clear goals and design comprehensive dashboards that provide real-time insights into your sales performance.

  2. Guidance for Each Sales Stage & Chatter: We provide guidance and support throughout every stage of the sales process, ensuring that your team members have the necessary information and tools to succeed. Our platform also enables effective collaboration through chatter, fostering communication and knowledge sharing.

  3. Personalized Lightning Views with Top Prospect Lists: We customize Lightning views to suit your specific needs, allowing your sales team to focus on their most promising prospects. By tailoring these views, we enhance efficiency and enable targeted engagement.

  4. Automated Alerts on Next Steps: Our system automatically generates alerts and notifications to remind your sales representatives of important next steps in their deals. This feature ensures that critical actions are not overlooked and helps drive timely progress.

  5. Sales Path for Different Sales Teams: We create customized sales paths for different sales teams within your organization. By aligning the sales process with team-specific requirements, we enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

  6. Automation of Approval Processes: We streamline and automate approval processes, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency. Our platform enables you to define rules and criteria for approvals, ensuring a smooth and consistent workflow.

By leveraging these configuration elements, we empower your sales teams to excel and drive meaningful results.

Salesforce Mobile App

Our mobile sales app is tailored to provide seamless access to your Salesforce platform for your entire team, regardless of their location – be it in the office or out in the field. Notable features encompass:

  1. Data Access: Effortlessly retrieve and update data, stay informed with news and notes, engage in chatter, and manage your calendar.

  2. Workflows: Streamline your sales processes with efficient workflows, ensuring smooth and organized operations.

  3. App Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with other applications, enhancing the functionality and versatility of your mobile sales experience.

  4. Customized Lightning Components: Tailor the app to your specific needs by incorporating customized Lightning components, enabling a personalized and optimized user interface.

  5. Salesforce A (Mobile Admin Access): Empower administrators with mobile access, enabling them to efficiently manage and oversee Salesforce operations while on the go.

Experience a comprehensive mobile sales solution, empowering your team with unparalleled accessibility and functionality within the Salesforce ecosystem.


Approval And Workflow Automation

The use of Cloud technology enables you to streamline endorsements and repetitive workflow assignments through automation.

Additionally, it provides you with valuable real-time access to endorsements (via Chatter feed), product specifications, discounts, and recommendations.

Analytics ( Data that Matters )

Sales Cloud empowers you to proactively address crucial situations such as data leaks, enabling you to take immediate action rather than merely reacting after the fact. Its exceptional efficiency ensures seamless integration with your planned initiatives and transformative strategies, enabling the creation of effective sales and advertising strategies.

Additionally, it effortlessly extracts relevant information to aid in campaign planning, aligning with your specific needs.

This powerful tool provides valuable insights that enhance your understanding of the situation, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

You can even establish a collaborative platform for group discussions, facilitating idea generation and problem analysis based on reports generated by your team.

This platform delves into enigmatic indicators related to customer support, applications, sales, and more.

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