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Salesforce CRM – Sales Cloud

Implement Salesorce CRM and grow your business 30% Year on Year. We have a dedicated and experienced Salesforce Consulting Team to cater to all your CRM needs with highly personalized services and promise of a long-term engagement to enable your success.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud aims at automation of the sales process, assisting both sales managers and representatives.

The Sales Cloud features help in creating a well-structured sales process, reducing the learning curve and providing insightful details about the customers and maintaining efficient communication with the customers across multiple channels along the customer journey.

With proper administration and configuration, Sales cloud could help with 38% increase in sales productivity, 28% increase in sales revenue, and 26% increase in the opportunity win rate.



Lead Management

We configure your Sales Cloud CRM to replicate your lead generation process and enable you to easily convert leads to customers. To ensure you have all your data in one source and easily accessible we configure the following:
Single or mass data upload

  • Sales path: lead prioritisation and routing
  • Automated workflows: pipeline lead to close
  • Inbox automation for one-to-many emails
  • Lead activity interaction tracking

Pipeline & Forecasting

We modernise your sales processes by configuring your Sales Cloud to provide real time insights by setting up the following:

  • Pipeline reports & forecasting tools: category, time, team, trends
  • Dashboards for visualisation
  • Instant messaging across any device to any stakeholder
  • Opportunity Kanban: stage, alerts, close
  • Detailed analytics

Sales Productivity

We help you implement best practices for your sales teams by configuration elements such as:

  • Goal setting & dashboards
  • Guidance for each sales stage & chatter
  • Personalise Lightning views with top prospect lists
  • Auto alerts on next steps
  • Sales path for different sales teams
  • Automate approval processes

Salesforce Mobile App

We configure your mobile sales app to give your entire team access to the your Salesforce platform, whether in the office on out in the field. Key features include:

  • Data access, news, notes, chatter, calendar
  • Workflows
  • App integrations
  • Customised Lightning components
  • Salesforce A (mobile admin access)

Approval And Workflow Automation

The Cloud allows you to automate endorsements and repetitive workflow assignments. It also offers you worthwhile access in real-time to endorsements (through Chatter feed), product specifications, discounts, and recommendations.

Analytics ( Data that Matters )

Sales Cloud assists you in taking necessary action to manage critical circumstances like data leak rather than just acknowledging it after it has occurred. It is highly efficient and connects instantly with planned approaches, game changers, and creates sales and advertising strategies. Also, it pulls out the target files to assist you in planning as per the specific needs while building an advertising campaign.

It offers insightful data to better understand the situation and make better business decisions. You may even create a group discussion platform to produce ideas or analyse problems on reports generated by your crew to explore mysterious indicators on client support, applications, sales,

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CRM Will Help To Close Deals Faster

Salesforce CRM, Would’s best Sales Automation tool, you need to grow your business! Your business will grow a minimum of 30% YOY if you implement Salesforce CRM as per the Best Practices. Our experienced consultant will be there to assist you to select and implement the

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