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What is Salesforce Platform?

Salesforce Platform enables you to quickly build business specific apps using no code / low code or programmatic development. Salesforce Platform empowers your employees and customers by giving them resources they need to engage with your business better.

What can you do with Salesforce Platform?

You can easily build your own custom apps on the Salesforce Platform using built-in technology to meet business specific needs. This no code / low code capability allows you to rapidly create custom fields within objects to provide business users with data insights, enabling them to work more efficiently.

Developers can address more complex requirements, using Lightning components, Apex Code, or Visualforce to provide functionality such as API integration to 3rd Party solutions or Apps from the AppExchange.

Salesforce Platform provides the opportunity for further custom configuration and development to provide business specific capabilities, such as becoming Mobile-ready, deploying Einstein AI, Vision & Voice, creating specific features through Builder, setting up automatic workflows and managing privacy, identity, and security.

Force.com Platform Features


Mobile Ready

Create mobile-ready apps using low code to provide Salesforce to connect customers and employees on the go.

  • Build: create custom mobile apps with pre-built components and templates
  • Extend: add mobile services for business logic, integration, and intelligence
  • Launch: push your apps to a live environment using Mobile Publisher

Einstein AI, Vision, & Voice

Implement AI solutions to find opportunities hidden in your data. Create image recognition to drive brand and product awareness. Configure voice solutions driving engagement through conversations.

  • Discover insights, predict outcomes, automate workflows & receive next step recommendations
  • Create deep learning models for image recognition linked to your business
  • Design and implement conversational experiences

Builder and Flow

Build and extend connected customer experiences quickly and easily using no code / low code or programmatic development, to continue innovating as the business evolves. Automate any business process fast, either with new workflows or by extending existing automation further.

  • Lightning development
  • Salesforce Apex
  • Visualforce

Privacy, Identity, & Security

Create a single identity for each user enabling them to log in wherever and whenever. Manage data privacy and trust with the Salesforce Platform.

  • Salesforce Identity
  • Field audit trails
  • Data usage through user event monitoring
  • Deploy a two-factor authentication process
  • Meet compliance policies with Platform encryption
  • Salesforce Shield

Lightning Apps

Our expert developers are experienced in building one-of-a-kind applications using best practices, from working across the entire Salesforce ecosystem and a wide range of industries. This means your app will be quickly available for seamless integration into your existing Salesforce platform, giving you business automation tools and services to see an early return on your investment.

  • Lightning components
  • Lightning Bolts such as PatientX, a telehealth solution
  • Custom apps

Force.com® Power of Lightning™

We Provide The Following Force.com services:

Discovering, Analyzing and Strategizing

We help in the process of requirement gathering, assessing the choice, analyzing the requirement and checking the cost and technical feasibility.

Mock-up and Prototypes

Algoworks technocrats help you with complete prototype development process.

Developing & Testing

After prototyping process, team helps you with designing, development and testing part of application.

Launching and Releasing

Professional technology consultants offer customizations, engagements and integration of your products with other third-party applications.

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