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World's Best CRM For Visa, Immigration, Study Abroad Consultant.

An all-in-one CRM & ERP Solution to Track Leads, Follow-ups, Applications, Documents, Invoices & Payments.


Immigration CRM is particularly structured to meet various issues related to Visa, immigration & Study Abroad consultant. Choosing the right CRM can solve 90% of the problems which you are facing today.

If you have different sources for lead generation and facing issues in managing, then you can manage all your things in one place. Because of the flourishing trend of migration, visa service providers encounter multiple entanglements while handling their candidate’s data and information. 

It becomes quite intricate to manage numerous candidate prospects, files, and other related processes manually. This is the moment when the need for an immigration CRM system.

Are you facing the following problems with the current system?

  • Manage Courses and Colleges are difficult
  • Manage student inquiry is difficult
  • Tedious tasks to manage Documents
  • Wastage of time leads to Loss of money

Benefits of Overseas Education Visa CRM Software

  • Easy to manage Country, College and Course data
  • Fees tracking
  • Easy Document Management
  • Notification on Email / SMS / WhatsApp of upcoming payments, pending fees, or otherdocuments.
  • Manage your team (Brunch Manager, Councilor, Agent, Tele Callers etc.)
  • Reduce the paperwork to a great level and enhances work efficiency and accuracy

Marketing for Lead Generation:

Email, Message and WhatsApp marketing to generate new leads.
you can offer promotion deals/coupons to customers.
Easy Email Template creation
Promotion Emails and Message helps you to generate more leads and business

Automate Lead Entry Process:

Enter Lead automatically from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website and different
Portals etc. Do not miss a single lead
Save time for your team members
Identify Duplicate leads easily

Bulk Import & Export of Data:

Excel, CSV Upload of bulk data in CRM with few clicks
Assign bulk Data / Leads to different executive
Bulk Export of Lead / Data in few clicks.
Save Time & make your team more efficient
Assign the leads to other consultant / advisor automatically or manually as required.
Lead Classification (Hot, Cold, Dead, Mature)

Lead’s Activity Tracking:

Build a relationship with clients through effective communication notes and logs
How many follow up has been done and by Whom
When is the next follow-up date?
Call & Task Reminders ( POP UP, Email etc )
Track all Incoming & Outgoing Emails in CRM
Track All Incoming & Outgoing WhatsApp in CRM
Track All Incoming & Outgoing SMS in CRM
Track All Inbound & Outbound call Recordings in CRM
Maintain Lead History Automatically

Student Management:

Share a link with Students and let them update their profile in your CRM system.
Save time and efforts by using Pre-populated forms.
Capture their preferred courses
Capture their preferred colleges listing

Country, Course, College Management:

Manage all data regarding country and college wise courses on finger tips
Help facilitate fast and accurate decision-making for your clients and their careers.
Pros and cons of Each College and their courses.
Rules and regulations for different Country, college and courses etc. at one place.

Application Management:

Streamline student onboarding
Create checklists
Application sent to foreign colleges
Capture their reply and documentations related to Application
Interview scheduling etc. process was easily managed by our visa CRM software.
Manage workflows
communicate with external third-party agents that are needed for end-to-end process

Manage Appointments:

Schedule Appointments
Track deadlines and important dates
send reminders whenever anything is due

Customer Portal:

Our Customer Portal allows your clients to have instant access to the current status of their
A system to raise queries
And resolve their specific queries
And communicate with their agents.

Upload Documents:

CRM system can store all sorts of documents (Education related, medical certificates, visa
applications, bank debt clearance certificates) digitally.
CRM allows your clients to add and update documents with ease.
Keep course details and marketing material in centralize location for easy access of all

Customer Information & Activity Tracking:

Provide in-depth details of customers on a single platform
Historical Communication
Notes and Documents
Sales & invoice information
Payment collections

Keep Clients Up to date:

Provide streamlined and timely updates to your clients automatically
Monitor and track work progress of each application
Get timely notifications on follow-ups and payment checks

Expense Tracking:

Create and maintain customized lists of services and their corresponding charges
Keep track of the expenses of each client and Each Application
Get Profit & Loss Report for each application

Invoice Generation & Payment Tracking:

Allow counsellors to generate invoice
Generate invoices at the end or during the application process for one or many services
rendered to your client.
Simply select the services and generate the Invoice as per your required format.
Email the invoice to your client in your required format.
Update Payment receipt for customers
Manage Payment Installments and Send Auto Reminder to Students and Agents.

Manage Your Team:

Manage Team Hierarchy in CRM (Like a Tree structure)
Manage Data visibility as per the Hierarchy
Track Individual and Team Performance

Application Security:

No Application & Data Security related issues in last 21 years.
IP based security – From which IP user can login
Time based Security – What time user can use the Application ( Say 9 AM to 7 PM )
Multi factor authentication

Location Tracking:

Location tracking plays important role in monitoring the sales executive daily meetings. Without
this feature it is hard for the manager to check whether the executive visited the meeting or not.
Track the Exact Location of the meeting on Google Map
Track The Check in Time & Check Out Time
Track Total Duration of the Meeting
Check Sales person discipline to reach client place on time.


SMS / WhatsApp
Gmail / Outlook / Calendars
Razor Pay / Other Payment Applications
Website / Facebook / Instagram / Linkedin
Tally / ZOHO Books

Other Features Includes:

Managing the Branch offices
Manage Employee Data Base
Manage Sub Agents
Setting up your own country specific Application Process+
Managing Counsellors
Managing Institutions
Track your Students History and Application Status
Advanced Reports on Leads, Applications and Business Insights
Auto Follow ups for Higher conversion rate
Manage your Associates Applications by providing them Logins
Manage and monitor your office using Smart phone and Tablets
Allow students to track application status from your website

Daily Report:

( By Sales Executive, By Brunch, By Different Time Frame, By Course, By Country )
Lead Generation Report
Activity Report
Productivity Report
Calls / Meetings / Follow up Reports
Payment Collection & Over Due Payment Report

Other Reports & Dashboard:

(By Lead Source Wise & Employee Wise & Team Wise & Brunch Wise & University Wise & Country
Lead Generated Report
Sales Revenue Report
Payment Collection Report
Pending Payment Report
Payment Forecast Report
Admission Report
Activity / Follow up Report
Upcoming Follow-up / Activity Report
Productivity Report
Lead Vs Admission Report
Incentive Report for Individuals

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